News | 30.05.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

ABI Week: A Life Rewritten

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Last week marked ABI Week: A Life Rewrittena time dedicated to raising awareness and understanding the profound impact of brain injuries on survivors and their loved ones.

New research from Headway UK has shed light on the significant changes that brain injury survivors face in their lives.

Remarkably, more than three-quarters (78%) of survivors have had to alter their life goals post-injury. These goals span various aspects of life, including:

Additionally, the research highlights several other critical aspects of life after a brain injury:

Furthermore, the impact extends beyond the survivors.

The research also revealed that 67% of carers have had to change their life goals because of the brain injury of their loved ones.

These findings underscore the necessity of continued support and resources for brain injury survivors and their families.

As we reflect on the insights from ABI Week, we are reminded of the resilience and adaptability of those affected and the importance of our collective efforts to provide support.

Thank you for your continued dedication to this cause.

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Headway Sussex