News | 09.04.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Headway Sussex gains two Occupational Therapist Students for a seven week programme!

At Headway Sussex, we continuously strive to create enriching experiences for our clients, fostering growth, empowerment, and connection.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting two exceptional Occupational Therapy students, Clare and Anushka, for a seven-week work experience programme. Their impact on our services was truly remarkable, leaving an indelible mark on both our clients and staff alike.

Throughout their tenure, Clare and Anushka demonstrated unwavering dedication and creativity in their approach to supporting our brain-injured clients.

They engaged in a variety of activities designed to stimulate cognitive function, promote emotional well-being, and encourage personal growth.


One of the highlights of their time with us was the baking sessions, where they guided our clients in creating delicious cupcakes and flapjacks.

Not only did this activity provide a sensory experience, but it also encouraged fine motor skills and boosted confidence in the kitchen.


Additionally, Clare and Anushka facilitated captivating photography sessions, allowing our clients to explore their creativity through the lens.

These sessions not only captured moments but also served as a form of self-expression and empowerment.

Emotions Intervention

Moreover, their interventions in emotions management proved to be invaluable. Through thoughtful exercises and discussions, they provided our clients with practical tools to navigate and regulate their emotions effectively.


Another noteworthy activity introduced by Clare and Anushka was macramé, a form of textile-making using knotting techniques.

This activity not only provided a creative outlet but also offered numerous benefits for brain-injured clients.

Macramé requires focus, concentration, and fine motor skills, making it an excellent cognitive exercise.

Additionally, the repetitive nature of knotting can be meditative, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Furthermore, the tangible outcome of creating beautiful macramé pieces fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Pancakes, Plant Pots, Bookmarks & much more…

The inclusion of activities such as making pancakes, crafting compostable plant pots, and creating bird bookmarks further enhanced the holistic experience for our clients, promoting engagement, environmental awareness, and fine motor skills development.

But beyond the activities themselves, the presence of Clare and Anushka exemplifies the importance of collaboration and the benefits of having external professionals enrich our Charity.

Their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and compassionate approach not only enhanced the quality of care but also fostered meaningful connections between our clients and the wider community.

Having external professionals like Clare and Anushka join us not only expands our knowledge and resources but also reinforces our commitment to providing comprehensive and person-centered care.

Their contributions serve as a reminder of the transformative power of collaboration and the boundless possibilities it offers in our journey towards empowering individuals affected by Brain Injury.

In gratitude for their dedication and the lasting impact they’ve made, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Clare, Anushka, and all those who support us in our mission to create a brighter future for our clients.

Headway Sussex