News | 12.03.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Thank you, Paul!

I’m delighted to bring you some wonderful news today: our amazing supporter, Paul, has graciously made a full donation towards our Defibrillator campaign!

This incredible act of kindness brings us closer to our goal of ensuring the safety and welfare of our clients, carers, staff, volunteers, and the entire community.

Paul’s steadfast support and generosity are truly motivating, and we cannot express enough gratitude for his contribution.

Paul is the spouse of one of our esteemed clients at Headway Sussex and his commitment to our cause has been evident previously.

Paul has assisted us before by covering the rent for our Eastbourne support group location, showcasing his dedication to our mission and the individuals we support.

With his generous donation, we are empowered to strengthen our efforts in creating a safer environment for all involved.

On behalf of the entire Headway Sussex team, I want to extend our deepest appreciation to Paul for his unwavering commitment to our cause.

Thanks to supporters like him, we are able to continue making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Once again, thank you, Paul, for your invaluable support. Your generosity is profoundly valued and will leave a lasting impact on our community.