We are Headway Sussex

At Headway Sussex, our dedicated team is committed to supporting individuals affected by acquired brain injuries and their families.

About Headway Sussex

As an independent charity, Headway Sussex is affiliated with the national organisation Headway UK, yet we operate solely on donations.
Our commitment lies in extending our support network to individuals with brain injuries across Sussex, ensuring they can lead enriched lives.

We provide reablement and well-being opportunities for clients and their family caregivers, continually evolving our services to offer advice, information, and support through various channels including in-person, online, over the phone, at home, and in local community venues.

Our outreach extends to individuals residing in East Sussex, Brighton & Hove, and now reaching out to West Sussex as of 2021.
Urgent fundraising efforts are essential to meet the growing demand for our services and to ensure the sustained support of the charity for all local individuals affected by brain injuries.

Get Involved

If you’d like to support us and make a difference, why not make a donation, volunteer, sponsor an event or even organise your own? We can’t do what we do without community support. We always need skilled volunteers and welcome anyone keen to fundraise for Headway Sussex.

Our Values


To treat people with respect and empathy


To empower people to achieve optimum independence, interaction and social inclusion


To provide choice and opportunity

Headway is here to help

Speak to one our team for guidance or information on our services, your own rehabilitation and wellbeing, referral or anything related to brain injury. Send us an email, give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page and we will get back to you.

Our Services

Our goal is to offer funded assistance to individuals with brain injuries, subject to available resources.

We provide a diverse Living Well Programme focused on personal well-being, offering individualised support for independence, customised rehabilitation and therapy, client and caregiver groups, social and relaxation activities, as well as access to information and advice.
Our services include personalised outreach support for individuals at home or within the community.
Collaborating with expert partners, including our affiliated counsellors and NHS and hospital teams, our dedicated staff and volunteers strive to deliver comprehensive support.

We’re committed to expanding our services to reach more individuals in town communities across East Sussex, Brighton, Hove, and extending into West Sussex.

Our Charity

Headway Sussex originally started in 1988, set up as a support group by families who were all supporting a family member affected by brain injury. Then based at Hurstwood Park Hospital, Haywards Heath, the charity became known as ‘Headway Hurstwood Park’.

It soon became clear that individuals and their families affected by brain injury needed far greater range of support. In 1992 the group moved to open a day centre in Newick where they could expand services with a focus on rehabilitation. The property now known as Headway House, was owned by the Leonard Cheshire Foundation.

Headway Hurstwood Park then became a registered charity in 1998 when the Leonard Cheshire Foundation gifted Headway House to the charity in 2002, Headway Hurstwood Park Company (limited by guarantee) was incorporated.

In November 2016 we relaunched as Headway East Sussex. The fundraising campaign and funding from The Big Lottery led to the construction of the purpose built wheelchair-accessible Annexe in 2005/06 with pottery, woodwork and art rooms. A later project saw the development of a specialist client gym for physical rehabilitation.


Headway Growing Again

In September 2020, we received a request to expand our services into West Sussex due to the need for amalgamation within the local charity sector. This expansion has effectively doubled the geographical area we are responsible for covering.

Headway Sussex is committed to enhancing the existing support groups in Worthing and Bognor, with the aim of extending our services to reach individuals across the entire county once again.

To achieve this goal, we are actively seeking new sources of funding to expand our staff team.

Shop for Support

Supporting us has become as easy as purchasing an item in our Etsy store!

Reassurance to Living Well

We work within an ethos, framework and values to ensure our team and our service meets the vision and aims of Headway to remain a trusted, specialist charity. Our focus is on clients being given choice and control through providing caring personal support to meet their individuals needs and achieve the best outcomes for recovery.

Headway provides reassurance from the point of contact and aims to give emotional support and practical advice for people affected by brain injury in all areas of our service. We can offer tailored programmes for rehabilitation with input from specialist partner therapists. Reablement supports client members to rebuild their lives within the community and activities also provide respite as part of continued specialist support to maintain and improve every day life for both clients and their family carers. A focus on the future and wellbeing helps with relearning or gaining new skills towards finding a new hobby, meaningful occupation or work.