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Headway Sussex offers reablement and support opportunities for people with an acquired brain injury, and their family Carers. A brain injury can be the result of many different causes including stroke, accident, tumour, infection, sporting injury or assault.

We offer a varied Living Well Programme for personal wellbeing including individual support to achieve independence, tailored reablement and therapy, client and Carer groups, social and relaxation opportunities together with information and advice.  We are expanding our services to reach more people in town communities right across East and West Sussex and Brighton & Hove. We are a listening organisation and welcome the views and opinions of all our client and Carer members.

Get Involved

If you’d like to support us and make a difference, why not make a donation, volunteer, sponsor an event or even organise your own? We can’t do what we do without community support. We always need skilled volunteers and welcome anyone keen to fundraise for Headway Sussex.

Our Services

We aim to provide funded support for anyone with a brain injury where our resources allow. We can offer assessment and support planning, reablement support, social support, therapy, relaxation, exercise and support groups. Our services cover personal outreach support for people at home or out and about in the community, participation in a support group online or at a community venue. Our team works with expert partners including our partner Counsellors and NHS and hospital teams.

For Brain Injury Survivors

If you have a brain injury, we are here to support and help you both practically and emotionally.

Whatever your needs we have a range of services to support your reablement or rehabilitation journey.


For Carers

Our charity is open to advising anyone providing care or support to someone with a brain injury. You may be an unpaid partner, husband, wife, sibling or other family member or close friend.

If you are an unpaid Carer please consider registering with one of the three expert Carer Support organisations which work on behalf of Carers in Sussex and Brighton and Hove. These charities are set up and funded to offer expert advice in a wide range of subjects. They can also help you access local Carer resources and information to help you through difficult times.

Please register with one of the following:-

Care for the Carers, East Sussex

Carers Hub, Brighton and Hove 

Carer Support West Sussex

For Professionals

If you are a professional looking for more information, you can find details of our services here. Whether you’re a GP, Case Manager, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Social Worker we will do our best to provide information or speak to you about the service we may be able to offer your clients or patient.

We are looking to extend our network of preferred professional partner providers – if you want to get in touch please let us know.

" I love Headway. They have given my brother Nathan a life and have filled his world with smiles, love and support. "

- Sister of a Headway Client

Reassurance to Living Well

We work within an ethos, framework and values to ensure our team and our service meets the vision and aims of Headway to remain a trusted, specialist charity. Our focus is on clients being given choice and control through providing caring personal support to meet their individuals needs and achieve the best outcomes for recovery.

Headway provides reassurance from the point of contact and aims to give emotional support and practical advice for people affected by brain injury in all areas of our service. We can offer tailored programmes for rehabilitation with input from specialist partner therapists. Reablement supports client members to rebuild their lives within the community and activities also provide respite as part of continued specialist support to maintain and improve every day life for both clients and their family carers. A focus on the future and wellbeing helps with relearning or gaining new skills towards finding a new hobby, meaningful occupation or work.

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A poem by our wonderful client!

We are thrilled to share with you an extraordinary piece of writing from one of our remarkable clients, Jane M. Her poem, which delves into the depths of memory repair after a brain injury, is nothing short of inspiring. We believe it beautifully encapsulates the resilience and determination that Jane embodies in her journey. Here […]

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Join the Fun: Pancake Toss Challenge Recap!

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