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Fundraising | 22.02.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Heartfelt Gratitude to Sharpthorne Carol party!

🌟 Heartfelt Gratitude to Sharpthorne Carol Party 🌟 On this dreary day, we’re shining a bright light of gratitude towards the Sharpthorne Carol Party for their incredible generosity! ✨ Their donation of £2165 from the 2023 Christmas Collection has touched our hearts deeply. We were saddened to hear about the passing of their late conductor, […]

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News | 21.02.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

A poem by our wonderful client!

We are thrilled to share with you an extraordinary piece of writing from one of our remarkable clients, Jane M. Her poem, which delves into the depths of memory repair after a brain injury, is nothing short of inspiring. We believe it beautifully encapsulates the resilience and determination that Jane embodies in her journey. Here […]

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News | 14.02.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Join the Fun: Pancake Toss Challenge Recap!

Pancake Tuesday at our Brighton Hub was an absolute blast! 🥞✨ We wanted to share some highlights from our event with you, as it was truly a day filled with laughter, teamwork, and delicious pancakes. Our clients and staff engaged in an exhilarating pancake tossing competition, and let me tell you, the energy was infectious! […]

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News | 09.02.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

🌟 Your Voice Matters! 🌟 Good morning, At Headway Sussex, our aim is to understand and uplift the journey of individuals who have encountered brain injuries. Your insights are invaluable to us! If you or someone you’re familiar with has experienced a brain injury while residing in Sussex, we invite you to share your feedback […]

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Fundraising | 31.01.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Gratitude in Bloom 🌱🌿

🌱 Gratitude in Bloom 🌿 Good afternoon, wonderful supporters! We’re thrilled to share a heart-warming story of kindness. Recently, we connected with an incredible individual who, instead of picking items from our Wishlist, spotted a fantastic deal on compost at her local Coolings Wych Cross Garden Centre. 🌼💚 This thoughtful soul not only supported her […]

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News | 24.01.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Helpline Success!

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 We’re thrilled to share a significant milestone in our partnership with Fieldfisher supporting the Headway Sussex Helpline and Wellbeing calls service. 📈 Over the past year, @fieldfisherpimn generous financial support has been instrumental, helping the helpline handle an impressive 1,226 calls. This success showcases the positive impact achievable when organisations unite for a […]

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