Community Services for Living Well

Brain injury can be complex requiring expert understanding. Headway offers this and specialist-community support. The aim is for people to live well with a brain injury and to inform and enable family and friends to better cope with their supportive role.

Reassurance runs through our service from the initial assessment to tailored reablement and support plans.

Headway is here to help

Speak to one our team for guidance or information on our services, your own rehabilitation and wellbeing, referral or anything related to brain injury. Send us an email, give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page and we will get back to you.

The above aims are embedded in the way we work.

Reassurance & Understanding

This is the first line of personal support for brain injury survivors, their friends and family. Our team offers a warm welcome, expert knowledge and understanding, low level emotional support and practical advice. Reassurance continues from the first point of contact.

  • Initial assessment
  • Advice and information, including guidance on funding of services
  • Telephone or online support
  • Open Support Groups
  • Wellbeing Activity Groups
  • Guidance for Carers
  • Counselling for Client Member and family carers

Our open Support Groups take place both online and face to face in community venues.

Our Living Well Programme services are part-funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.


We can propose person-centred rehabilitation programmes to support brain injury survivors on their journey of recovery. Specialist therapists partners we work with can offer a range of therapies. This sessional therapy is tailored to help client members achieve personal rehabilitation and reablement goals.

These services can currently be provided at Newick and through outreach arrangements in the community and at home, coordinated through our Clinical Adviser. Please speak to us for advice.


Reablement is the next step in helping people rebuild their lives within the community. This includes sessions at our centre at Headway House in Newick and our community outreach service – through tailored individual one to one support or participation in Wellbeing Activity Groups.


We recognise that some people will require long-term support to help maintain their skills and function and to continue to improve their quality of life.

We also know how tough it can be for relatives and carers, so our respite services extend beyond the individual to ensure all those affected are supported and have time to themselves to recuperate and to provide respite. We offer this time and support to ensure the best possible home and social environments for everyone involved.

Return to work, volunteering or training

Our Headway Sussex Futures Group is aimed at those who are living with the affects of brain injury who are interested in taking the next steps towards rebuilding their lives after brain injury. The group meets online every week, with a face to face meeting once a month – currently this is at our centre in Newick.

Members draw on each other’s experience and knowledge to learn and rediscover skills and identify new opportunities.  These are things that people living with the affects of brain need to consider to be able re-enter the workplace, including the preparatory steps to do this.

The Futures Group is not solely for people focusing on return to work and education, but is there for anyone looking to re-engage with meaningful activities.  Alongside re-learning important life skills, members of the group share experiences and helpful approaches to personal wellbeing.

People need to have a good or improving awareness of how they have been affected by their brain injury to benefit fully from the Futures Group.  To discuss whether this group would be good for you, have a chat with Sam – or call 07776 528796.

Get Involved

If you’d like to support us and make a difference, why not make a donation, volunteer, sponsor an event or even organise your own? We can’t do what we do without community support. We always need skilled volunteers and welcome anyone keen to fundraise for Headway Sussex.