News | 05.08.2020 | By: Lucy Morewood

2020 appeal launched

Over recent months, we have seen an increase in the number of people with a brain injury who have been turning to us for support, at the same time as there has been a huge drop in our income. The wellbeing of clients has been affected and many family carers are facing their own emotional stresses caused by isolation.

As our communities begin to navigate out of lockdown, we need to adapt Headway services and ensure we are there for everyone. Introducing new ways to provide personal support that meets the client members and their family carers particular challenges is not easy but we are determined to do it.

However, with any change comes a cost. Small charities like Headway East Sussex have been financially devastated by the impact of Covid-19 so we need your help to grow our funds to get up and running again as soon as possible.

The lives of many of the people we support had already been turned upside down by illness or injury, with serious life-changing effects. They rely on Headway for support, so please donate to our 2020 appeal as we urgently need to raise funds.

To donate visit our Virgin Money Giving page here.