Fundraising | 27.06.2024 | By: Roxanne Thomas

Thank you, Screwfix!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a generous grant from Screwfix, allowing us to undertake essential remedial work at our Newick Hub!

These funds will be used to upgrade the existing 58W T8 lights to energy-efficient LEDs in our multifunctional annexe room at our Newick Hub. This room is crucial for hosting a variety of reablement and rehabilitative activities, including art, music, wheelchair sports, carer events, singing, quizzes, volunteer training, indoor gardening, and group support work.

Currently, the harsh and bright lighting negatively impacts our clients, especially those with light sensitivity or who live with seizures/epilepsy—a common consequence of brain injuries. The current lighting makes the room unwelcoming and limits the range of activities we can hold.

A simple change to the lighting will transform the room into a more functional and welcoming space.

The new LED lights will allow us to adjust the brightness and colour, creating an environment suitable for quiet time, relaxation, meditation, and other wellbeing activities. This softened lighting will enable those with light sensitivity to use the room comfortably and will help reduce anxiety for individuals prone to seizures.

Thank you, Screwfix, for helping us improve the quality of life for our brain injury clients. Your support is invaluable in making our Hub a more inclusive and supportive environment.